Bad Reviews and High Wage Costs Shut Breakers Water Park Down

Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission

Breakers Water Park, once an attraction in the Tucson area, holds a significant place in the history of local recreation. Situated just off I-10 in Marana, Breakers was the last remaining water park in the region after Justin’s Waterworld closed in 2007. Its construction began in 1982, marking the start of a new destination for families seeking relief from the intense summer heat. Over its years of operation, Breakers Water Park became synonymous with summer fun, offering a variety of water slides, a dedicated children’s splash area, and its most famous feature, an enormous wave pool.

The wave pool at Breakers Water Park

(Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission)

The wave pool at Breakers was a standout feature, drawing visitors from far and wide. With an alleged capacity of up to one million gallons of water, it was one of the largest wave pools in the United States. This grand attraction, along with the other water slides and play areas, made Breakers a popular local hotspot. Families flocked to the park to enjoy the refreshing waters and exciting rides, creating cherished memories that lasted a lifetime.

It was plagued by bad reviews

(Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission)

Despite its popularity, Breakers Water Park began to encounter significant challenges as the years went by. Maintenance issues started to plague the park, leading to frequent ride closures and deteriorating conditions. Rumors of health and ethical issues, including poor pay for employees, further tarnished its reputation. The situation worsened to the point where online reviews reflected growing dissatisfaction, with visitors reporting that only a few rides were operational while the rest were out of commission. The lack of reinvestment in the park’s upkeep contributed to its decline.

The park couldn’t afford the cost of wages

(Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission)

In 2018, the owner of Breakers Water Park announced its permanent closure, citing the rising cost of minimum wage as the primary reason. However, many patrons believed that the true cause was neglect and a failure to reinvest in the park’s infrastructure. The once-thriving water park that had brought so much joy to the community was now facing an irreversible downfall. The same year, a fire broke out in one of the main buildings, adding to the series of unfortunate events.

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Nothing remains of Breakers Water Park

(Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission)

Several years after its closure, the site of the park was completely bulldozed, erasing all physical traces of the once-popular destination. The memories of summer days spent at Breakers now exist only in the hearts of those who experienced its delights. The story of Breakers Water Park serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining and investing in community landmarks to ensure their longevity and continued enjoyment by future generations.

(Photo Credit: State of Abandoned / with permission)

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